During the last decade the reality of creative practices has changed. More often than ever, creative industries’ professionals are acquiring financial and creative freedom by self-managing their talent or becoming successful entrepreneurs. Many creative industries professionals are developing innovative career paths, penetrating new industries, building broader skill sets to meet the needs of multiple professional fields and are building audiences/clientele globally via social media.

Arts and culture institutions are searching for new business models and creative solutions to better engage with more diverse and digitally oriented audiences, philanthropic institutions are joined by crowd-sourcing companies in supporting new creative initiatives, and large cities around the world are investing billions into developing cultural zones despite tough economic times. Creative industries professionals are increasingly as instrumental in solving world problems as governments are, and world economic organizations acknowledge constant value creation by creative industries for the global economy.

Creative practices are no longer just about fun and self-expression.
It’s business.

CrealityCheck is a blog that explores and explains ways in which business concepts apply to today’s creative practices, investigates and presents career development trends, provides opportunities to communicate with like-minded people, serves as a venue to discuss the future of creative practices globally and helps readers collaboratively look for solutions, answers, ideas, partnerships. It is a place to get inspired, encouraged and informed. The future is now, and it is changing -it’s time for CrealityCheck!

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